Great that you’re visiting my weblog! Although this profile is written in English, my blogs are written either in Dutch or in English. On this weblog, I’ll write about my:


  • Music: listening, playing, pianist since age 11, play in several bands (funk-soul-R&B, jazz), write and produce music
  • Cooking (equals therapy)
  • Movies (mainstream, sorry…)
  • I passionately hate:  ignorance, hypocrisy, clapping on 1 and 3, Dixi’s, Nordic Walking, et cetera…


  • Because no one should take life, or themselves, too seriously


  • Strong interests in politics
  • ‘Born-again’ liberal (that means I converted from VVD to D66, because to me, liberalism is much more than just making more and more money)
  • Closely follow US politics and I’m a ‘West Wing’ junky (the tv series)


  • Marketing, communications, PR, product management, market research, and brand management services as an advisor and interim manager
  • New-school marketeer who believes that marketing can and should realize measurable financial results
  • Self-employed (
  • MBA in International Management from Thunderbird – American Graduate School of International Management (1990), Glendale, AZ, USA
  • Worked and lived in Belgium, France, USA and the Netherlands of course

Anyway, I hope that you’ll enjoy reading my blogs, that you’ll respectfully share your opinions and comments on my blogs, and that you’ll (re)visit this website from time to time.

Take care!